Ellen is a tremendous resource and provided tremendous value as a contractor on various Wegmans Priority projects.  I would highly recommend Ellen as a resource for any company looking for a highly skilled Instructional Designer/Training Resource.

Ashleigh; Director of Talent Development


Ellen is amazing! Ellen worked as a training design consultant for our company for many complex projects--and we have only the highest regard for her skills and professionalism. Ellen handled every assignment and situation with ease; she completed every project on time, and project teams were delighted to work with her. In her time with us, Ellen had to learn new systems, teams, and processes for each project --and she quickly became a subject matter expert in her own right. In addition to her excellent technical skills, Ellen was uniquely able to interact and connect with SMEs and learners from multiple areas; people recognized her expertise and her genuine caring, and her advice was well-respected. She consistently went "above and beyond"--she truly cares about her work, and that commitment shows. We can enthusiastically recommend Ellen without reservation.

Susan; Manager of Training


Ellen was always a wonderful resource.  Ellen is highly skilled at instructional design and willing to do whatever it takes to make a project successful.  I wish Ellen could have stayed with us forever.

Mike; Director, Project Support Services


I have had the pleasure to work with Ellen in her role as an Instructional Designer for a few years.  Ellen's instructional material is always delivered on time and of a very high quality.  She is able to quickly grasp both technical and business concepts, understanding what is important and what is not.  She respects all she works with and is very easy to get along with in a professional setting.

Mark; Systems Manager


I have had the pleasure of working with Ellen for over three years on a high-profile company priority. Ellen is very personable and quickly gains the respect and support of others. The quality of her work is beyond compare with high standards, accuracy, consistency and impeccable attention to detail just some of her hallmarks. Ellen always completes assignments on time or in many cases before their deadline and has always gone the extra mile to ensure we have everything we need. Ellen has been an incredible resource and I would consider her to be an asset to any organization she is partnered with.

Dominic; CAO System Support Manager


Ellen is a preeminent professional.  A gifted instructional designer, she has the ability to see through to the root of the business need and make appropriate recommendations.  She is reliable and hard working.  She comes to the table prepared and delivers her work with the highest quality, on time and on point.  She truly gives 100% and focused on successful projects.  The best part about Ellen though is how well she is liked by everyone - from executive to the front line direct labor; she is kind, considerate and a good human being.

Bill; Senior Business Analyst


Ellen is an incredibly skilled Instructional Designer. I was privileged to work beside Ellen at Wegmans where I saw her skills in action, especially with IT/systems training. She excels at consulting, demonstrating professionalism and expertise with all client interactions. Ellen always seeks to understand the needs of the end user, and she skillfully designs engaging training deliverables around these needs. I would jump at the chance to work beside Ellen again.

Janet; Instructional Designer


I've been Ellen's co-worker, her student (Disciple may be a better description) and employer. Ellen is one of if not the most thorough and professional instructional designers I've had the pleasure of working with.  Any firm needing this type of service would benefit from employing her.

Gary; Supply Chain Systems Area Manager

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